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Our Scientist

  • Ms Bianca Nye, Senior Respiratory Scientist

Respiratory scientists are skilled in the administration of an extensive range of respiratory function and allergy tests. These tests assist the doctors in making diagnostic and treatment decisions.

Ms Bianca Nye

Bianca heads up our respiratory laboratory testing services which provides both standard and advanced diagnostic tests. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Human Biology Pre-Clinical) and a Master of Public Health. She is a keen bike-rider and volleyball player who loves the outdoors! She is our lab star who performs her duties with care and compassion in order to make our patients feel at ease when they enter the lab.

The range of tests she performs include:

  • Spirometry, Lung Volumes and Gas Transfer
  • Exhaled Nitric Oxide for both Lungs and Sinuses
  • Frequency Oscillation Testing (FOT)
  • Lung Clearance Index
  • 6 Minute Walk Testing
  • Maximum Inspiratory Pressures
  • Airway Hyperactivity Testing
  • Allergen Skin Prick Testing