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For Patients

These pages provide all the information you need for making an appointment to see a respiratory specialist, or to have lung function testing, at The Lung Health Clinic.

If this information does not address your question or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Appointments can be made by phone, email or letter.

If we are unable to answer the phone, please leave a message on our answering machine and we will get back to you. We aim to respond to your query before the end of the next working day.

Having made your appointment, you must ensure that you have a valid referral and are able to bring to the appointment all relevant medical information, such as scans, x-rays, current medications and blood test results.

Please click here to find information on referrals, appointment reminders, our cancellation policy, what to bring to your appointment and fees.

If you are a new patient

If this is your first visit to the Lung Health Clinic, we will need to collect some basic information about you, your health, Medicare number and so on. We also seek your consent for the use of this personal information and for the sharing of your information with the doctors involved in your care, plus your agreement to our fee policy.

On the top of the left-hand side of this page, you will see a heading New Patient Forms.  When you click on this link a document with 3 parts will appear. We need you to complete and return this document.  This can be either electronically or by printing the document, completing the hard copy and returning it to The Lung Health Clinic, by email, fax or post..

The three sections within this document are:

  • A consent form. This document sets out the type of information collected by The Lung Health Clinic and the ways in which it may be used.
  • A form collecting your demographic and health information
  • An acknowledgement that you have read and agree to the Clinic’s fee policy

Find us

The Lung Health Clinic is located at Suite 49, on the second floor of the Hollywood Medical Centre. Take the lift to the second floor of the Medical Centre, turn right and walk to the back of the building – we are on the corner at the back.

The Hollywood Medical Centre is in the Hollywood Hospital complex at 85 Monash Avenue, Nedlands. Turn off Monash Avenue at Entrance 5, and drive towards the multi-storey carpark, with the Medical Centre on your right hand side. Paid parking is available in the multi-storey carpark, and also in front of the Medical Centre. ACROD parking spaces are available in front of the Medical Centre.

Click here to download a map, parking and public transport information to assist you in finding us.

If you are having tests

You may need to have lung function or allergy tests in relation to your doctor appointment, either to assist in making a diagnosis or to monitor your progress. Some of these tests may require you to change your medications for a period of time before the test.

If you have been asked to have tests, please read the patient information relevant to the test, which can be found by clicking here. These information sheets can be downloaded and printed.


Information on certain treatments such as speech therapy, physiotherapy and desensitisation may also be useful and can be found by clicking here.

If you are being admitted to Hollywood Hospital

Before your admission to Hollywood Private Hospital, there is some important information that you should know.

Our reception staff will arrange your documents for your admission to the hospital on your behalf unless you are being admitted urgently out of hours.

We are very happy to discuss with you your account and any out of pocket costs associated with your hospitalisation prior to your admission.

If required, a follow up post discharge appointment will be made for you whilst you are still in the hospital.

Hollywood Private Hospital’s Essential Patient Instructions Booklet will provide you with all the information you need about your hospital admission, including:

  • Online booking procedure
  • Health fund and account enquiries
  • Pre-admission and admission service
  • Information about your stay in hospital
  • Leaving hospital procedures

Knowing this information will make your stay in hospital easier, so all you’ll have to be concerned with is your health and comfort.

You will be provided with a copy of the Essential Patient Instruction Booklet at your appointment with your specialist here at The Lung Health Clinic. Please feel free to contact us if any of this information or interaction with Hollywood is confusing or difficult.

Alternatively there is an interactive version of the Essential Patient Instructions Booklet on the Hollywood Private Hospital website under the heading For Patients, click here.  This is a printable document.

Research at the Lung Health Clinic

The Lung Health Clinic is actively involved in research to develop better treatments for people with lung disease. From time to time we take part in international clinical trials, and our patients are able to access improved treatments before they are approved for release on the Australian market. There is a large body of research that confirms that patients who participate in clinical trials have better health outcomes than those who do not, even if the patient is randomised into the control arm of the study. There are also exciting new scientific breakthroughs in drug treatments for asthma and other lung diseases that can only be accessed through a clinical trial.

If we think that you may be interested in participating in clinical research, and if we think you would benefit from study participation, we will approach you to explain the study and what it means to you. You will never be included in any study without your full knowledge and agreement.