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Allergen skin prick testing

This is an assessment of whether you have an allergy to any of the more common inhaled allergens. The test is performed by placing a small drop of each allergen solution on the skin surface of your forearm. For each drop of allergen solution, a single gentle ‘pinprick’ is made. After a 15 minute waiting period the skin is examined to determine if you have responded to any of the allergens. A response is typically in the form of a raised mosquito bite like lump (wheal) and may be accompanied by itchiness.  If you experience itching, an anti-itch solution will be applied on completion of the test or if you are particularly itchy, an antihistamine can be used.  All patients are required to remain at The Lung Health Clinic for 20 minutes after completion of the test.  As most patients will also have an appointment with one of our consultants on the same day as the skin prick test, this post-test observation period will not typically add time to your overall visit time.


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