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COVID-19 advice from Professor Philip Thompson

  • At this point in time the number of cases in WA is very small and to date we have no evidence of it being passed on from one person in WA to another person in WA but no doubt this will eventually occur
  • The risk of infection will start to be a more likely issue once we see more cases being reported from one week to the next ie evidence that it is getting out of control (6-8 new cases a day, and evidence in multiple locations) At the moment the risk is low.
  • It is true that patients over the age of 65-70 are at much greater risk of having severe disease and therefore at greater risk of dying. 
  • Protection is best enhanced by:
    a. Washing hands after touching public services before you touch your face or eat or drink
    b. Avoid people who have recently returned from overseas (last 2-3 weeks)
    c. Avoid people suspected of or who might have COVID-19
    d. Keeping as fit as you can
    e. If concerned try to keep 1.5 metres from others and limit contact with strangers to 15 minutes
    f. Stay at home once large numbers of patients have been reported as having the virus
    g. Get a flu vaccination as soon as possible. Avoiding catching the Flu along with COVID-19 is a very smart thing to do

This advice is valid as of the 13th of March 2020